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Repeat Order From Nad KL

Thank you so much for my lovely cyber friend Nad from KL..Sebelum ni Nad ade order cuppies utk bondanya yang tersayang di penang sempena Mother's Day..kali ni untuk her best friend birthday pulak..theme kali ni ialah "blue & white" & friendship..so mama letak dua dummy girl hang out together under umbrella..teringat pulak lagu "umbrella" by Rihanna..
When the sun shine We'll shine together
Told you i'll be here forever
Said I'll always be your friend
Took an oath I'm a stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more then ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
Bila di amati lirik lagu tu sesuai untuk persahabatan..masa deliver ni, her friend sgt terkejut & gembira sbb mama buat delivery surprise..mula2 risau gak sbb call2 x dapat..my friend Nad pun risau sama..tapi mama hantar gak & jumpa gak rumahnya..Alhamdulillah..anyway, kesimpulannya..cuppies ni menjalinkan persahabatan baru..T.q for Nad & her friend Shitira..
Sms From Shitira (Nad's Friend):-
He hi! Tq so much 4 d cake delivery, very professional indeed. I have yr card though. This cupcakes is something new 2 me! I like it & taking 2 office tmrw 2 share with my friends. Bye!

Comment from Nad in the Chat Box:-

18 Jul 08, 10:22
Nad: Lovely cuppies, good services and I definitely will come back to you for more orders yah mama. "Kamsiah" again.
18 Jul 08, 10:19
Nad: Salam Mama, a brilliant idea to put 2 ladies there (we are really closed). Cute and I'm really happy she loved the cuppies. Thanks again mama, walaupun jadi kalut sikit cos x dpt.contact her earlier.


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